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Jakarta International Muslim Socity




The indonesian word "Yayasan" stands for charitable foundation, which is what JIMS is all about; helping the very poor and needy in Indonesian remote villages.
Founded in 1998 by Australian convert Luqman Hakim Landy, English convert Muhsin Maltezos and American convert Sulaiman Dufford, JIMS started with next to no money, managing a few small school projects from our own pockets, based on a calling from Allaah Most High to uplift the lot of impoverished Muslims whom no-one else was interested in helping.
Today we have no money, much debt and a myriad of small-scale projects, mostly schools, directly impacting upon the lives of thousands of poor Muslims who wish to know Islam and practise it, and to live with dignity based on their own efforts and resources. But they need a helping hand at this early stage.
Indirectly we impact Islamically upon the lives of tens of thousands of people whom no-one else is helping.
We, as well as them, get no government support, and our local volunteers are singularly unsuccessful in raising money in Indonesia.
This work is struggle in its noblest sense, fardh kifaya.
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